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Live with Aloha, flow with the spirit. Our hawaiian shirts bring the summer atmosphere back to the city from the mountains and seas and ensure a lifetime of comfort, with the promise of paradise sewn into everything we bring to life.

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Customer Reviews

26 Reviews
Travis E.

not a scam wearing it now. It did take a while but good quality.

thevile G.

Thank you for ensuring my order was 5xl. It fits great the biceps are a little tight good thing i ordered 5xl. So its a great fit but a little tight in the bicep, maybe an adjustment there is in order.

Joe F.

Got mine yesterday and I love it!

Norma L.

It takes a while but i did get mine also. Just have to be patient. It is a legal company, not a scam.

Kevin W.

The Green Skull Shirt I bought & wearing it now & all day I've been getting compliments on it.

Nick V.

Love these amazing shirts. The fabric is of great quality, the printing is sharp and the colors are bright.

Alien D.

Fantastic shirt, I love it! True to size, and thicker than I expected it to be. If this is in your cart, buy it before its gone!


I got my husband this shirt for our cruise and it was fresh and very nice! he loved it. he got a x1, and it was a perfect fit!

Larry V.

Awesome, Great item, Vibrant Colors, Great Fit, Nice Shirt

Very soft and comfortable

l use it as a Bowling shirt very flexible no issues when l bowl luv it

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Michele み

Loved it! On the silky side. I got him an extra large is 6 foot two tall 225lb. Kept him looking cool, handsome all night.

Marc L.

Thank you so much. Last week in Lake Havasu City, everyone asked me where I got my shirts from. I wore them in the water while I was on a jet ski. They dried in 10 minutes. Unbelievable. I gave about 50 people your name. Have a wonderful week

Matthew C.

I love this shirt, However a little tight. I should have ordered a 5xlt but that is on me. when I am standing up it looks great. It matches my personality.

Tammy H.

Fit is appropriate for sizing, it's a nice stretchy material and it was super comfortable to wear. I'm older and don't care for my dresses to be quite that short, so I wore bike shorts under it, and it worked out perfect!

Robby W.

My residents love the shirt.

Paul A.

Performing In Your Green Shirt Yesterday. You Tube's : Singing Referee Allen.

Nicholas B.

Nice soft summer shirt. Very well made and the colors/ patterns are vivid.

Shui L.

Love love love love the cool color, love it so much!

Richard S.

Great guys! I accidentally ordered xs, and instead of just shipping it, they contacted me to make sure I had t done it by mistake. The shirt has a light airy feel to it, and the design got me lots of compliments! I ended up ordering several more, can’t wait till they arrive! It’s difficult to find big & tall shirts with the designs I like, and they have the perfect size!

Kevin F.

Beautiful design, full of color. Can’t wait for Summer! Thanks again

Robin M.

Arrived fast and beautifully boxed. They even let me model on their site :)

Pim M.

Fantastic design, great shirt! Would recommend to anyone.

Gnessi F.

Couldn't be happier with the service I received from this company.

Richard B.

I just want to say how great the Flamingo shirt was, that I ordered from you. I got to wear it last night and received many compliments on how good it looked. It fit well, perhaps the best I have ever had. Thanks again. 👑

  • Our Story

    We care about Earth and environment. In our clothing, we show that heart-felt thoughts in details. We use fabrics that are more breathable, and can meet the color requirements of printing. The recycled fiber that made from more eco-friendly material (including plastic bottle) is to show that. And on how we print our designs without pollution, we use digital textile printing.

  • Behind the design

    Every type of fabric has been tested over a thousand times to make sure you are comfortable, confident, loved with it. This is us, devoting ourselves to more environmentally-friendly materials and technologies, making each piece of products healthier, safer, more skin-friendly.

  • US Standard Size

    Our Shirts are true to the size chart we have. M-5XL available. And If for any reason you're not happy with your purchase, you can return your items within 7 days after delivered for a refund/ exchange.